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Drawing on experienced teams with deep roots in Spanish territory, Indosuez Wealth Management combines its knowledge of the local environment with expert advice and the opportunities created by the interaction between the 3,150 Wealth Management specialists in our worldwide network.

We are here to serve your needs, in Spain and all around the world.


The stories behind the creation of Indosuez Wealth Management, from the founding of the Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez in 1858 to the establishment of the Banque de l’Indochine in 1875, have been traced out in international ink. They evoke a time of opening up to the world across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.



One of our forerunners, Crédit Lyonnais, took its first steps in Spain at about the same time: in Madrid in 1876, then Barcelona in 1888. These early roots are still here more than 100 years later, after the institution’s merger with Crédit Agricole Group, and their wealth management business is an integral part of our local platform.

For its part, Banque Indosuez, another of our antecedents, also had offices and branches in Spain starting in the 1970s. It developed its wealth management and stock brokerage businesses, especially by acquiring majority interests in local specialists such as MAPFRE Indosuez, a “Sociedad de Valores”, or Bancapital in 1992. Thanks to this latest acquisition, it was able to establish a new subsidiary: Banque Indosuez España, which focused on wealth management, stock brokerage and public debt.



In 1996, our story began anew when Banque Indosuez joined Crédit Agricole Group. Over time, the Group gradually combined its Wealth Management teams all over the world under the umbrella of Crédit Agricole CIB in order to establish our business: Indosuez Wealth Management.

Located in Madrid, as we have been since the beginning, we also provide local service through our offices in Seville, Valencia, Bilbao and San Sebastián, making it possible for our clients to take advantage of our full range of wealth management services. In this way, our story continues to unfold in the service of wealthy families and entrepreneurs in Spain.



Our multi-disciplinary and highly specialised teams primarily work with families, ultra-high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs here in Spain, helping them manage, protect and pass on their wealth.

In Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, San Sebastián, and Sevillla, Indosuez Wealth Management also serves associations and foundations, as well as financial intermediaries and independent wealth managers.

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In Spain, as in the rest in the world, Wealth Management is our core business. We carry out this critical mission to serve our clients the Indosuez way, firm in the conviction that prudence also contributes to performance.

As Architects of Wealth, we offer our clients exceptional service and expert advice in order to optimise the structure of their wealth and their investment decisions.
In addition to traditional Wealth Management, we deliver flawless execution and precision banking services to ensure our clients' satisfaction and the achievement of their individual goals.

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In Spain, we have a team of approximately 60 wealth management specialists working from four different locations. They take a comprehensive approach to our clients’ goals, and deliver in-depth expertise on domestic investments and local regulations.  



At Indosuez Wealth Management, our added value also results from our organisational structure. Our manageable size along with our strong international orientation offers clients residing in Spain more than just a local presence: it gives them a direct connection to the teams of our global network. These professionals bring together their expertise to deliver comprehensive support for our clients as they make plans for their private wealth.

Our Wealth Managers in Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao and San Sebastián rely on the expertise of our international Structuring Wealth teams to analyse the various components of our clients’ financial positions and offer them solutions tailored to their needs, whether they are local or international, while remaining in full compliance with regulations.

Our Investing Wealth business allows our clients in Spain to benefit from the combined skills of our local and worldwide specialists in the wide-ranging investment fields in which we excel: Advisory, Discretionary Portfolio Management, Structured Products, Investment Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate, Life Insurance, Forex and Precious Metals.



Indosuez Wealth Management operates in the Iberian peninsula alongside other teams from Crédit Agricole Group, one of the leading foreign players in the Spanish market, in order to provide our expertise to their respective clients.

In this regard, we work in partnership with Crédit Agricole CIB, the Group's corporate and investment banking arm in Madrid, to assist our clients, entrepreneurs and corporate executives alike, particularly with corporate financing transactions.

We also work together in synergy with Amundi, the asset management subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Group and Europe’s leading asset manager by assets under management.



Aside from our history and expertise, the value added by Indosuez Wealth Management
also comes from our international structure and membership in one of the top banking groups in the world.

Our Spanish operation is an agency of CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe), which spearheads the group’s operations in Europe from its head office in Luxembourg.

Its parent company is CA Indosuez Wealth (Group), which brings together all Crédit Agricole Group entities specialising in wealth management and is itself a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole CIB.

We are backed by Crédit Agricole, one of the biggest international banking groups — ranked 13th worldwide and 2nd in Europe by the amount of Tier 1 Capital (source: The Banker, July 2017, based on end-2016 data).

In total, for our clients and teams alike, this is synonymous with strength, openness, synergies and access to a broad source of resources and expertise.

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CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe) Spain Branch is steered by a Senior Management team located in Madrid that wields considerable authority. It is headed by Antonio Losada, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Group’s governing bodies in Europe,  in accordance with the principles behind our federal structure.

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A sense of responsibility is one of the values cherished by Indosuez Wealth Management. In our business, this translates into our determination to be a trusted partner for our clients. As such, we take care to protect their interests and comply with all applicable regulations.

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Furthermore, in order to be a positive influence on each of our stakeholders, as part of Crédit Agricole Group, one of the highest-rated CSR-driven companies in the world, we are committed to upholding Corporate Social Responsibility through a forward-looking approach centred on Respect.

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