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The Website uses cookies. During the consultation of the Website, cookies are stored in the User’s computer, tablet or smartphone.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are placed and stored in the User’s computer, smartphone or in any other device optimized to work on the Internet when he visits a Website. They enable the websites to recognize the User, to signal his passage on a webpage and thus to improve his browsing comfort, the security of his connection or to customize the content of the webpages according to his areas of interest.
Information stored by the cookies include the viewed webpages, advertisements on which the User has clicked, his type of web browser, his IP address and information he seized so that he will not need to enter them again.
Our cookies are used for the following purposes.


What kind of cookies is used on the website?

Operating cookies

These Cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the Site. Website Cookie (SITE) allows the distribution and the distinction between local and global pages.

Session cookies and preferences cookies 

  • Session cookies (eZSESSID): These cookies are used to identify the User session in order to store subsequent preferences.
  • Language Cookies: They enable the storage of the last language used by the User in order to allow a smooth navigation between the different pages of the Site.
  • The Cookie Bar (cb-enabled): stores the choice of the User to allow the use of cookies on the Website.
  • E-banking cookies enable the storage of the last e-banking website visited by the user through the Website.

Statistical analysis cookies

These cookies (Coremetrics) are used to adapt the Website to the interests of Users. They allow to establish anonymous traffic statistical analysis that measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed and the activity of Users on the Site (pages and column viewed, most common browsing paths, etc.). These cookies allow a better understanding of the interests of the User, thanks to its browsing paths on the Website. In any case these cookies do not follow the User while browsing on other websites.

How to manage the cookies?

User's attention is drawn to the fact that cookies improve browsing experience on the Website and allow his access to certain secure areas (inter alia, secure client area, including client account, if any).

If User does not authorize the use of cookies, it has the option to configure its web browser and/or device to reject the installation and/or storage of cookies before accessing the Website. In this case, the use of the Website or certain of its functionalities may be altered or disabled.

On most computers, smartphones and other devices optimized for Internet, browsers are usually set to accept cookies. The User may modify his preferences regarding cookies for the Website or any other website through his browser settings. He can accept or reject cookies via his web browser, and modify the choices he has made. To this end, the User can refer to the help menu or the dedicated section of his web browser.

For instance, Users can access the help menu of some web browsers by clicking on the following links:


For mobile devices, Users can refer to the following links:

Depending on the browser, the User can also activate the Private Browsing or the setting "Do Not Track" of his browser.

Other browsers

For more information about how to manage cookies through other browsers, the User can consult the online help menu on those browsers.

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