Structured Products

To diversify its clients' investments and minimise their risks Indosuez Wealth Management offers structured products - an attractive alternative to traditional direct financial investments - within a strictly managed, transparent framework.

Solutions that optimise risk and return

Indosuez Wealth Management's vocation is to help its clients draw the maximum benefit from the financial markets, while limiting the risks they incur. To achieve this, it offers structured products, which can optimise risk and return based on a particular conviction about an underlying asset (equities, interest rates, currencies, commodities, corporate debt, etc.). 

Structured products combine several financial instruments linked to the chosen underlying asset. Besides their capacity to generate returns over a given time horizon, they offer full or partial protection of the invested capital on maturity. 


Products designed specifically for our clients  

Indosuez Wealth Management's structured products are often tailor-made for its clients and we endeavour to ensure that they comprise several advantages:

  • They reflect our vision of the market
  • We carefully select the underlying securities
  • Open architecture gives access to the most competitive pricing
  • We tailor the products to our clients' needs (performance objectives, frequency of cash flows, investment horizon) and their risk profile.


A broad, adaptable range of products

Indosuez Wealth Management's structured products use a range of diversified underlying assets, all of which can be combined. These products provide a point of entry into markets or intangible assets that are otherwise difficult to access and allow for varied investment strategies (countries, currencies, sectors, asset class, etc.).

Our range is also adaptable: we regularly design global products as well as tailored products, taking into account market conditions and our clients' needs, so that each investor can find a solution to their requirements whatever their degree of risk aversion or their investment profile.

In some cases and certain locations we can offer discretionary mandates or investment funds for structured products.


Prudence and transparency

True to the Indosuez way, we carefully select liquid underlying assets with observable prices.

We ensure our products are liquid and make daily valuations so we can provide our clients with personalised follow-up and propose alternatives where necessary.

Our structured products specialists assist the Discretionary Portfolio Management teams to ensure that these products are fully understood and used appropriately in our clients' investment portfolios.

We offer our clients simple structures and clear documentation, to ensure full transparency. 

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