Our story

Just as every one of our clients is an individual - or a group of individuals - with a tale to tell, we, too, have a story that has shaped us.

Ours will explain what makes us different and why we believe understanding your story will make us better at helping you manage enduring wealth.

It begins with the Compagnie du Canal Maritime de Suez and then Banque de l’Indochine.
It is a story of managing change over generations, helping clients create and manage their fortunes, all over the world.

How it all began

Our very identity is built upon a vast combination of initiatives and a wealth of experience, cumulating together over time to forge who we are today.

Our first roots date back as far as 1858, with the founding of Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez and the creation, much later, of Banque de la Compagnie Financière de Suez. Subsequently renamed Banque de Suez et de l'Union des Mines, it is one of the forefathers of Banque Indosuez, and a clear testimony to the entrepreneurial drive and intuition for projects in new and uncharted territories that have always formed a basic part of our DNA.

But our story really begins in 1875, with the creation of Banque de l'Indochine, another of our forebears established to help further French interests in Asia and which would later produce the first coinage and currencies for these territories. From Saigon to Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Canton and Singapore… the chapters of our history have been penned in a variety of inks but always inspired by the same sense of responsibility that dictated our initial purpose.

A hybrid of initiatives

Another of our roots can be traced back to 1876, when Crédit Lyonnais set up its first entity in Switzerland that would later form the bedrock for our activities in Geneva. Our origins also lie in Monaco, where one of our strongest divisions, Crédit Foncier de Monaco, was founded in 1922. From the beginning, our Bank has been able to successfully locate and tap into sources of Wealth Management.

Our roots are there, in the multitude of human stories that have gradually converged.

Banque Indosuez was founded in 1975, more than a century after the first stones were laid for the Suez Canal and Banque de l'Indochine - a century in which our internationally -recognised expertise is firmly anchored.

Since then, our story continues to unfold, notably through our collaboration with specialists from the other business lines of Crédit Agricole group, of which we have been a member for 20 years.

Drawing on the history that has shaped our way of doing things, our philosophy, our goal is to mobilise all of our experience, imagination and unfailing commitment in adding new pages with each of our clients.


Authors of our own destiny

Since 1996, our story has continued with Crédit Agricole, whose balance sheet ranks it amongst the ten largest banks in the world, and who has entrusted us with all of its entities specialising in wealth management.
Today, we are the proud inheritors of all of the expertise and talent from these different institutions which are brought together under a single brand, Indosuez Wealth Management.

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International, always

Today, our fundamental values still apply, with client teams operating across the world's major financial centres:

  • in Europe: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland;
  • in the Asia-Pacific region: Hong Kong, Singapore and Noumea;
  • in the Middle East: Abu-Dhabi, Lebanon and Dubai;
  • on the American continent: Brazil, Miami-Florida and Uruguay.

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