A trusted partner

Built over time and through our collaboration, the trust our clients place in us is also firmly rooted in our reputation and that of our shareholders.
Experience, expertise and stability, but also responsibility and prudence form the core of this reputation.

Prudence is our watchword 

Indosuez Wealth Management is structured so that it can be a reliable partner that is worthy of its clients' trust. 

Aware of our primary responsibility to preserving the legacies our clients entrust to us, Indosuez Wealth Management and its teams share a doctrine of prudence that applies at every level and to all aspects of our activity. 



To ensure our clients are only ever exposed to carefully-controlled risks, Indosuez Wealth Management's work is governed by the following core principles:

  • Special vigilance that client interests always come first.
  • Systematic risk management.
  • Strict selection procedures and permanent controls for external partners. 



Indosuez Wealth Management applies strict, structured and cross-business processes to control the inherent risks that affect its activities, be they legal, fiscal or financial.

As well as safeguarding our indispensable financial security -balance sheet stability and the solvency of our counterparties - and ensuring we abide by the laws and regulations to which we unfailingly subscribe, the controls and preventative measures systematically applied by our teams serve to protect the interests of our clients. 



Controls and measures are primarily defined by our Compliance Department whose role is also to ensure that all legislative and regulatory provisions are respected, whatever the country of residence of our client or the financial centre concerned. The fact that the department employs around one hundred members of staff is a clear indication of the importance we assign to compliance.

Its work in the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities, as well as in compliance with embargoes and the prevention of the risks of market abuse, is carried out in close coordination with Crédit Agricole S.A. group.

Configured according to our matrix-based structure, the department's staff in each entity are part of a cross-business function whereby local and central teams alike answer directly to Senior Management.

Its activities are completed by those of the Permanent Control Department which is in charge of all operational aspects, and by the Internal Audit Department for ex-post controls.



Indosuez Wealth Management strives to ensure its clients benefit from the highest security standards every step of the way. Financial structuring solutions that do not have a long-term approach are disregarded, and discretionary management mandates systematically offer an asymmetrical risk profile designed to provide protection in difficult markets and be more dynamic in bull markets. Assets that lack transparency or liquidity are forbidden, and our Banking & Beyond Solutions adhere to the same principle. When it comes to financing a loan, the exit conditions will always be a fundamental criteria.



After they are hand-picked by our experts, all new solutions, be they internal or external, standardised or made-to-measure, are dissected by our internal NAP committee (New Activities and New Products), made up of members from the Compliance, Legal, Risk and Permanent Control departments.


A permanent commitment to putting client interests first

Ever-faithful to our doctrine of prudence and desire to excel in everything we do, our commitment to protecting our clients goes beyond the simple application of governing laws and local regulations. Our goal is to develop a common approach for all of our entities when it comes to matching client profiles to potential solutions. 



From day one of our relationship with clients, tried-and-tested processes ensure we have an in-depth understanding of their different characteristics, objectives and level of risk aversion. Once these factors have been formalised, a permanent control process begins that uses automated systems to verify that the composition of a client's portfolio is always suited to their declared profile.



The measures in place to ensure we match our services to client profiles are implemented by the Compliance Team whose day-to-day work and, more specifically, implements different procedures for approving investment solutions are a mark of the importance that we assign to protecting client interests. Indosuez Wealth Management is also particularly vigilant when it comes to conflicts of interest and to respecting the confidentiality of client information. 



Indosuez Wealth Management places the utmost importance on ensuring that clients fully comprehend the solutions we implement on their behalf. For technically complex investments such as structured products, we author and edit information documents to make them easier to understand by non-specialists. Clients can also check the composition of all of their funds at any time.


External partners: minimum delegation and maximum control

We constantly seek to retain the best in our profession and to limit the amount of work we delegate to our external partners. Indosuez Wealth Management makes it its business to manage its investment vehicles itself across all major asset classes, giving our experts the experience they need to make discerning and informed choices when selecting products using an open architecture approach.

Furthermore, in order to manage the risks linked to investments, we maintain a fair balance between the assets we invest in proprietary funds and those managed by external parties under discretionary mandates



While we use an open architecture approach in order to offer clients an exhaustive and best-of-breed range of products, we also know that the delegation that goes with choosing an external product is by no means a trivial affair.

That is why we systematically carry out all audits in the pre-selection of partners or investment products ourselves - to make sure they meet our expectations in terms of performance and our requirements in terms of quality. Our exacting standards are what enable us to keep the chain of trust we have forged with our clients unbroken. 



Whether for investment or private equity funds, our teams of experts carry out extensive preliminary audits which, as well as measuring performance, are used to verify a series of quantitative and qualitative criteria to assess the risks at stake. Fund managers, for example, are assessed for their long-term performance, but also for the solidity of their company, the track record of the manager whose name features on the contract, the quality of reporting and the availability of those in charge of the fund, the regularity with which products are listed and their liquidity, as well as all other fundamental criteria needed to ensure the security of products over the long term.

These audits are then regularly updated, with any changes in a key parameter triggering an alert.

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