A unique combination of expertise sharing the same vocation
To be true Architects of Wealth, our Bank cultivates a number of international specialties in five areas of activity: client relations - financial expertise - support - risk, compliance, and internal control - banking transactions.

Client relations activities

Wealth Managers and their assistants directly serve clients in all the Bank's regions. They are our clients' first point of contact, and have intimate knowledge of each client's background, personal situation and plans in terms of their wealth management, business, personal affairs and family.

The Senior Banker has a comprehensive view of each client's needs and helps produce unique solutions to structure and optimise their wealth, with the support of the Bank's other experts.

They guarantee the excellence of our service, ensuring we provide the best possible solution - the one that meets each client's aspirations.


Financial expertise activities

Indosuez Wealth Management has strong convictions. Our wealth management proposals rely on the research and opinions of our experts in a wide range of areas. Our large teams of experts work with the Wealth Managers and are directly available to our clients via our offices around the world. They research and develop tailored value-added solutions to provide a global vision and high-level technical response to the most complex situations.

To achieve this, we have two different types of financial expertise: Wealth and Financial Structuring and Investment Solutions.


Wealth and financial structuring

Wealth specialists, legal, tax, accounting, and financial experts, estate management and philanthropy specialists provide advice at the Wealth Manager's request. They devise and fine-tune a tailored strategy for each client, taking into account the international and local context as well as their specific requirements and areas of interest.

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Investment solutions

Different teams provide a range of services and products tailored to each client's investment strategy: these teams are active in Discretionary Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory, Life Insurance, Investment Funds, Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals, Structured Products, Private Equity, Real Estate and Corporate Finance.
An open architecture environment allows them to combine solutions designed and managed in-house with those available from third party managers.

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Support functions

With their close relationship to client-facing teams and their integration of best practices in their field, the Communications, Legal, and Human Resources functions create value for everyone by constantly anticipating change.

They also foster cross-business cooperation and ensure consistency throughout Indosuez Wealth Management, while respecting each office's individual features. Their overriding objective is to share their expertise and to optimise processes, with a constant focus on enhancing operational efficiency.


Risk, compliance, and internal control activities

These teams are of paramount importance, lying at the very centre of our business and ensuring that our activities comply with the applicable regulations. Our Compliance Teams verify that each of our offices observes local regulations, our Risk Management Teams confirm that our commitments are appropriate, while the Permanent Control Teams ensure that internal rules are followed


Banking transactions activities

In our vision of Wealth Management, banking services are naturally of the highest quality. Indosuez Wealth Management therefore includes banking transaction and process specialists to guarantee execution quality on a daily basis.

Our back office and IT services expertise is widely recognised and has become a business activity in its own right. A dedicated team in Switzerland provides this service to other private banks under outsourcing agreements.

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