The Indosuez foundation

By tradition and by nature, Wealth Management, Philanthropy and Volunteer Work are three sectors that are able to combine their resources to meaningfully contribute to projects that bring social value.
In France, Indosuez and its employees work for selecting and financing projects aimed at supporting vulnerable communities via the Indosuez Foundation, under the auspices of the Fondation de France.


To reinforce its commitment to philanthropy, in 2011 Indosuez Wealth Management in France set up the Indosuez Foundation under the auspices of the Fondation de France. Recognised as an institution of public interest, the Foundation supports concrete charity projects for vulnerable segments of the population, from the elderly to the disabled and teenagers and young adults with drug addiction problems or behavioural issues.

The Foundation has helped some 60 projects over the past six years, most of which are sponsored by human-sized associations founded by support workers or families to address specific issues.

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The projects our Foundation supports must meet strict criteria: they must be innovative and the association must have a strong human dimension, be highly professional and have a sound social business model.

An Executive Committee makes the final selection and the corresponding budget allocation. The committee is composed of three experienced, qualified people from outside the group who are well-versed with issues affecting vulnerable communities, one representative from the Fondation de France and employees from Indosuez Wealth Management in France.

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The men and women of Indosuez Wealth Management play an active role in our philanthropic initiatives in France.

A number of our employees contribute to the Indosuez Foundation’s work. As well as being responsible for pre-selecting and approving projects, they more often than not get personally involved, give a hand and experience anew the rewarding implication of helping others.

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