Gender Equality Index

To put an end to unjustified discrepancies in wage levels between women and men, Muriel Penicaud, Minister of Labour, and Marlene Schiappa, Secretary of State for Gender Equality and the fight against discrimination, announced the creation of the gender equality index in November 2018.
This index is designed to help companies measure their progress in this area and put in place corrective actions where necessary. The objective: eliminate discrepancies in remuneration between men and women.

As a reminder

The 5 metrics established by the government and adopted by all measurement firms are:

  • pay gaps between women and men of comparable ages carrying out comparable work,
  • discrepancies between individual pay increases,
  • discrepancies in the promotion of women and men,
  • pay increases upon the return from maternity leave,
  • gender breakdown of the ten best-paid employees.


Our results

As of 31/12/2018, CA Indosuez France* scores 90/100.


Our actions

Convinced that diversity provides real leverage for performance and innovation, we have adopted a proactive policy for the past several years, resulting in the implementation of actions aimed at:

  • ensuring balanced recruitment in the trades and equal pay,
  • making employees aware of the principles of professional equality and non-discrimination,
  • supporting women with their career development.

A strong emphasis is placed on the gender diversity policy at Indosuez Wealth Management Group, with efforts towards the feminisation of the governing bodies and raising awareness of all our employees. In 2019, this commitment is reflected in the definition, implementation, and incorporation of a Gender Diversity action plan in our 2022 Corporate Project.


*The CA Indosuez France economic and social unit (UES) is composed of CA Indosuez Wealth (France) and CA Indosuez Gestion

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