Indosuez in Brazil

Drawing on its deep roots in Brazilian territory
and experienced teams,
Indosuez Wealth Management combines its knowledge of the local environment
with expert advice and the opportunities created by the
interaction between the 3,110 Wealth Management specialists in our worldwide network.

We are here to serve your needs, in Brazil and all around the world.


The stories behind the creation of Indosuez Wealth Management, from the founding of the Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez in 1858 to the establishment of the Banque de l’Indochine in 1875, have been traced out in international ink. From the beginning, they have evoked an open approach to the world. 


The multitude of stories that have shaped our Brazilian business lie deep in our history.

It all began here in 1947, when our forerunner, Banque de l’Indochine, acquired a stake in Crédit Foncier du Brésil et de l’Amérique du Sud.

Then, the following year, a new local bank, Banco Francês e Brasileiro SA, became part of Crédit Lyonnais, which turned it into the No. 2 foreign bank in Brazil. It focused on a domestic market of wealthy individuals and major corporate clients, reinventing the modern private banking model in Brazil under the BFB Personnalité brand.

After selling its Brazilian unit to Banco Itaú in 1995, Credit Lyonnais came back to the country 4 years later with an Asset Management partnership, CL Asset Management Brazil, to develop a range of investment funds aimed at high-end Brazilian clients. In 2001, Crédit Lyonnais consolidated its local operations with the acquisition of Banco AGF Braseg, which it focused on merchant banking and wealth management.



In 1996, our story began a new one when Banque Indosuez joined Crédit Agricole, followed by Crédit Lyonnais in 2003. Starting in 2004, our Brazilian businesses joined Calyon, Crédit Agricole group’s Corporate and Investment Banking division, which was renamed Crédit Agricole CIB in 2010. Over time, Crédit Agricole group combined its Wealth Management teams all over the world to create Indosuez Wealth Management.

With offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, our clients can enjoy our full service Wealth Management experience, continuing our long history in Brazil.


Our multi-disciplinary and highly specialised teams primarily work with families, ultra-high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs here in Brazil, helping them manage, protect and pass on their wealth.

Our Brazilian clients look to us for local and international investment solutions that meet their goals for diversifying their assets, especially geographically.

In Brazil, as in the rest of our locations, Indosuez Wealth Management also serves associations and foundations, as well as financial intermediaries, independent wealth managers and family offices.

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In Brazil, as in the rest in the world, Wealth Management is our core business. We carry out this critical mission to serve our clients the Indosuez way, firm in the conviction that prudence also contributes to performance.

As Architects of Wealth, we offer our clients exceptional service and expert advice in order to optimise your assets and wealth structure, through investments.

In addition to traditional Wealth Management, we deliver flawless execution and precision banking services to ensure our clients' satisfaction and the achievement of their individual goals.

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In Brazil, we have a team of approximately 20 professionals specialised in Wealth Management, operating out of our two locations. They are able to directly assist our clients with financial and estate planning, as well as with asset management.

The additional value they provide lies primarily in their deep familiarity with local economic and regulatory conditions, as well as their human touch, which leads to trusting relationships with our clients built over the long term.


At Indosuez Wealth Management in Brazil, our added value also results from our organisational structure. Our combination of a human scale with international reach offers clients residing in Brazil a local presence and expertise, along with a direct connection to the teams in our global network and access to the full range of our expertise and solutions.

In this way, our investment advisors bring together their expertise to deliver comprehensive support for our Brazilian clients as they make plans for their private and professional wealth. They learn about all of their local and international assets in order to help them protect their wealth, manage it and implement the best possible solutions to pass it on to the next generation, in full compliance with current legislation. To do this, they take advantage of the international knowledge offered by Structuring Wealth centres of expertise all over the world.


Our Investing Wealth Business offers wealthy Brazilians access to a broad range of real-denominated investment solutions designed and managed by our domestic asset management company, CA Indosuez Wealth (Brazil) S.A. DVTM: brokerage services, funds that are open-ended or intended for the sole use of a single family, securitisation products, etc.

One of the more noteworthy services we offer in Brazil is privileged access to the various types of investment solutions we offer on international markets through our European, North American and Asian operations: Advisory, Discretionary MandateStructured Operations, Hedge FundsReal Estate Funds, Forex...


Crédit Agricole CIB, the group’s Corporate and Investment Banking arm in São Paulo, to assist Brazilian entrepreneurs and corporate executives and carry out their corporate mergers, acquisitions or sales.

Our Investing Wealth business also works together in synergy with Amundi, the asset management subsidiary of Crédit Agricole group, and CACEIS, its fund administration and custody subsidiary.


Aside from our history and expertise, the value added by Indosuez Wealth Management also comes from our membership in one of the top banking groups in the world.

Our Brazilian business, CA Indosuez Wealth (Brazil) S.A. DTVM, is a direct subsidiary of CA Indosuez Wealth (Group), which brings together all of Crédit Agricole group's wealth management entities and is itself a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole CIB, Crédit Agricole group’s Corporate and Investment Banking arm. 

Our support from Crédit Agricole, one of the biggest international banking groups — ranked 13th worldwide and 2nd in Europe by the amount of Tier 1 Capital (source: The Banker, July 2018, based on end-2017 data) — represents a guarantee of great financial strength for our clients. For our clients and teams alike, this is synonymous with strength, openness, synergies and access to a broad source of resources and expertise.

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CA Indosuez Wealth (Brazil) S.A DTVM is steered by a Senior Management team located in São Paulo that wields considerable authority. Since 2012, it has been led by Urbano Araujo de Moraes, its Chief Executive Officer.

A team located in Miami and headed by Frédéric Lamotte, Head of the Americas Region, supports the development of Indosuez Wealth Management in South America (Miami, Brazil and Uruguay) and establishes synergies between the region’s countries.

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A sense of responsibility is one of the values cherished by Indosuez Wealth Management. In our business, this translates into our determination to be a trusted partner for our clients. As such, we take care to protect their interests and comply with all applicable regulations.

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In addition, for the benefit of all parties involved, Crédit Agricole is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and invests in this area, always aiming for responsible and diligent growth based on pure respect for the whole work environment which surrounds our employees who recognise the bank as one of the best places to work.

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